imageProduction orders at Electronic Components & Services Inc. can be divided into two categories, domestic and offshore. Delivery schedule, price and quantity are all considerations for determining the best fit for your production orders. With low minimum pricing on small quantities and offshore pricing on large quantities, we have the cost structure to meet your budget.


Domestic production at Electronic Components & Services Inc. is small to medium run, single sided, double sided, aluminum and up to 8-layer Multilayers that are manufactured here in Fox Lake WI. With our low minimum order pricing, short lead-times and attention to quality and service, you will find Electronic Components & Services Inc. is very price competitive.


Electronic Components & Services Inc. has been importing printed circuit boards from China since 2006 to meet the large volume needs of our customers. Savings on offshore boards versus domestic can be as much as 50%. Ordering offshore boards from us, you will get quality printed circuit boards from one of our Chinese partners and Electronic Components & Services Inc. service and support.

Should there arise a problem with delivery or you have a spike in your demand, Electronic Components & Services Inc. can react quickly to your needs. By manufacturing printed circuit boards domestically, we can meet your immediate requests until boards can be received from China.

Another advantage of purchasing offshore boards from Electronic Components & Services Inc. is the extra steps we take to make sure you get the best value for your printed circuit board dollar. In addition to the required testing and inspection performed and certified by our offshore partners, Electronic Components & Services Inc. also test and inspects all offshore orders. Should any offshore boards be found defective, we can manufacture boards to get you through until our Chinese partner can send replacement parts.

If you would like to take advantage of offshore pricing, but think that your monthly usages are not large enough. We can work with you on setting up an inventory release program, so that you do not have to take all of the boards at once, but release them in smaller quantities at your convenience.

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